Paul Paolatto

London West

Paul Paolatto and Doug Ford will stand up for families in London West

Only Doug Ford and Paul Paolatto Will Get It Done

Other parties spend all their time complaining or looking to take us back to the past. Only Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs can get it done for you and your family. The Ontario PCs are the only party with a real plan: Rebuilding Ontario’s economy with and more support for local businesses. Working for workers by […]

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Our Housing Challenge

Few would argue that we do not live in a world of increasing uncertainty, a world where citizens are becoming increasingly anxious about the many challenges before us – fallout from the pandemic; the assault on Ukraine; concerns over inflation and affordability, the threat of rising interest rates, and a general inability to get ahead. […]

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New Child Care Deal Lowers Fees for Working Families

A quote attributed to American Author and Fitness Trainer Joseph Pilates reads: “Patience and Persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavour”. Well, to the credit of the Ford Government, patience and persistence has certainly paid off for working families in our province that desperately need help financially meeting their […]

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Minerals Meets Manufacturing

Ontario is home to one of the world’s richest deposits of critical minerals which are vital to the production of such high-value items as rechargeable batteries, LEDs, fibre optics, aerospace parts, and medical isotopes. Our province is quickly establishing itself as a reliable, responsible, domestic source of these critical elements for manufacturers throughout North America. […]

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Only Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs will Expand Highway 417 for Ottawa Drivers

Del Duca-Wynne Liberals admit they will delay construction with another study OTTAWA, May 30, 2022 – Today, Doug Ford announced that only a re-elected PC government will get shovels in the ground to expand Highway 417 and fight gridlock for Ottawa-area drivers and businesses. “Just a few days ago, Steven Del Duca couldn’t help but say […]

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